Link Testing for 1.9.8

In preparation for the next release, we need to test every help link in 1.9.8. Wheee! Please add the links you have tested to the list below. I'll try to conjure up some kind of a checklist after RC1.

Features Admin Page Results

On June 16th, 2007 I tested all links on the features admin page. The methodology used for this test was:

  1. Do a fresh install of 1.9.8 from the daily build
  2. Enable help (still not enabled by default!!!) fixed
  3. Click on every link on the page
  4. Any link that had unsatisfactory results is noted below, with a brief description of the problem

Problems that are caused by source code will be filed as trackers. Problems that result from content will be handled through the doc tagging system. Please concentrate your contributions on these broken links.

Overall Comments

There seem to be two types of 404's getting processed. One gives you a list of
similarly named pages to try. The other one gives you a search box pre-populated with your failed string. IM
O, there should be one, and it should be the search box. Comments?

There are at least two links on this page that take the admin to another form
instead of a help file. IMO, that is inconsistent navigation behavior and
should be changed. Comments?

Detailed test results by section of the page are below.

Tiki Sections and Features

  • Integrator: Link works, no content
    • fixed (Xavi)
  • jscalendar: Link works, no content
    • (a sentence and a screenshot right now, at least :-) (Xavi)
  • Friendship Network. Link is 404
  • File Galleries: Link Works, page is marked as stub
  • Live Support: Link goes nowhere.
  • Categories: Link goes to category admin, not documentation
  • Tiki Template Viewing: Link goes to admin page, not documentation
  • Use Tabs: Link goes to Admin page not documentation
  • Intertiki: Link works, Content marked as stub, but appears to have been added to recently.
    • help requested (to tiki-devel list) to improve that small page (Xavi)

Content Features:

  • Custom Home: Link is 404
  • Drawings: Link works, Page has no content
  • Charts: Does not get converted to link when help is enabled
  • Auto Links: Link goes to Admin page, not documentation
  • Hotwords in New Windows: Goes to Hotwords page, which has no content for new window feature
  • Allow Smileys: Link goes Admin page, not documentation
  • Use Quote plugin rather than “>” for quoting: Does not get converted to link when help is enabled

Administration Features

  • Banning System: Link works, Page has almost not content
  • Stats: Link works, page has no content
  • Theme Control: Link goes to admin page instead of documentation