Tiki is the FLOSS Web Application with the most built-in features. But what about connecting with the outside World?

This page is intended to be a summary of all connections to services, technologies or standards that enhance Tiki. This page will replace (combine) and

Related: Operating System independence and Database independence.

1.1. Components

Just because Tiki implemented a very large number of features, it doesn't mean we are afflicted by the Not Invented Here syndrome.

Tiki relies on:

Tiki makes good use of several External Libraries

1.2. Connect to services

1.2.1. Social bookmarking like Digg, Technorati,, etc


1.2.2. Shelfari

Shelfari Share your Shelfari bookshelf through a wiki plugin

1.2.3. Play music from through a wiki plugin.

1.2.4. Skype

Skype Plugin. Call or chat with a Skype user. See: Skype

1.2.5. Facebook

We have a Facebook group smile
and page:

And in Tiki6, there is an integration with Facebook (to publish links) in the Share feature.

1.2.6. Youtube


1.2.7. Google Docs

Google Docs

1.2.8. Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets

1.2.9. Google Video

Google video

1.2.10. Google Maps

Google Maps

1.2.11. Google AdSense

Google AdSense

1.2.12. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

1.2.13. Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts

1.2.14. Google Website Translator

Google Website Translator

1.2.15. PayPal

To use some code provided by PayPal

1.2.16. Bing Translator (Microsoft)

Bing Translator

1.2.17. Yahoo! groups mailing list

Forum and Mailing List Synchronization

1.2.18. Web Services Web Sequence Diagrams FedEx and UPS

1.2.19. Zotero

1.2.20. Gravatar

New in Tiki11: Gravatar

1.3. To another software package

Please note that you must make sure this software is installed and working.

1.3.1. BigBlueButton Audio/Video/Chat/Screensharing


1.3.2. Kaltura Collaborative video editing

Kaltura video

Use this open source video project to embed a media or mix into a wiki page. See: Kaltura's Dev Page and Kaltura

1.3.3. dompdf

1.3.4. wkhtmltopdf

1.3.5. Piwik Web analytics

1.3.6. Memcached

1.3.7. APC

1.3.8. XCache

1.3.9. Mailman ("The" GNU Mailing List Manager)

Forum and Mailing List Synchronization

1.3.10. Jabber


1.3.11. PHPlot

Mod phplot

1.3.12. Graphviz

Wikiplugin using Graphviz

1.3.13. R (Statistics and data visualization)

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS. For more information, see: R needs to be installed separatedly in your server for PluginR to work.

1.3.14. MathJax


1.3.15. Mindmap


1.3.16. WikiTracer


1.3.17. PhpFreeChat

Mod phpfreechat

1.3.18. Mapserver

Maps Feature
Kamap interface via a mod
Build maps within Tiki, linked to wiki pages to record simply the metadata of each layer

1.3.19. Source control (SVN)

Version control to Tiki bridge added to Tiki6 for Code Review

1.3.20. OpenStreetMap, OpenLayers and Google Street View

OpenStreetMap and OpenLayers

1.3.21. External Authentication LDAP/Active Directory, Imap, POP3 & Vpopmail via Pear-Auth,

External Authentication CAS

CAS Authentication PAM

PAM authentication Shibboleth

Shibboleth Authentication

1.3.22. CClite

CClite allows to use community-defined currencies to support trading within Barter Networks using a community-trust based Payment system. See Community Currencies

1.4. Standards (Data interchange, etc)

1.4.1. RSS

Tiki generates RSS feeds and can, display, import & aggregate RSS feeds. See Feeds and Article Generator

1.4.2. Microformats

Tiki 2.0 supports the hcalendar microformat. See: Microformats

1.4.3. OpenID

Tiki 2.0 supports OpenID

1.4.4. Universal Edit Button

Tiki supports Universal Edit Button since it was introduced.

1.5. File formats

Tiki can handle various file formats. You can store any file type in the File Gallery. In addition, there are ways to handle certain file types.

1.5.1. HTML


1.5.2. Images

Images can be in .gif, .jpeg or .png using the image gallery or File Gallery

1.5.3. Flash


1.5.4. JavaScript


1.5.5. Windows Media Player movie(.wmv)


1.5.6. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) (.svg)

SVG-edit (Tiki7)

1.6. Missing

There are more at Visualization. Missing interactions should be added here: interaction


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