Integrator Admin

This is a kind of stub

Those are the features of Integrator feature, from an admin poit of view:

  • Easy rules copying among repositories
  • Every rule may be enabled/disabled
  • Predefined set of rules for doxygened documentation (just copy it into your repository :-)
  • Rule preview — allows to play with rules and see results
    • HTML code view panel
    • Results view panel
  • Can intergate remote pages (http(s)://...). This will allow also to integrate locally located scripts (i.e. they should get interpreted by web server before processed by wrapper)
  • Special meta-variables, I don't know how to name this rolleyes, may be used in replace field
    • {repID} — ID of current repository (very helpful for links fixing :-)
    • {path} — path of configured repository (very helpful for images/scripts fixing :-)
  • Intergated pages can be cached. This helps to avoid processing repository pages each time they accessed, after 1st touch page will be cached and used all next times. Sometimes it helps to reduce CPU load at processing pages... mose hopes that it will help him :-)
    • Allow to refresh individual pages
    • Admin can clear whole repository cache
      • It also clear automaticaly on rules change or repository removing
    • Per-repository cache timeouts — useful when repository periodicaly regenerated. Typical usage: web stats of any kind or doxygened API documentation of highly active project (like Tiki :-)
      • ... so the best value of cache expiration will be regeneration interval in seconds :-)
    • Tiki Integrator utilize cache related functions of TikiLib MEGA-class but, do not call refresh_cache() (this method also used in cache control admin panel) for integrataed pages! URLs associated with cached data actualy can't be accessed for that data by that methods! — Use refresh button below of integrated page or clear cache link on repository edit form.
  • You may see integrator in action here: