Improve Tracker Forms 

You can improve tracker forms enabling an experimental jquery user interface library called "Chosen"

Enable the feature 

You can enable the feature in:
Admin home > Features > Interface (tab) > jQuery plugins and add-ons > Experimental > jQuery-ui Chosen Menu

Remember that you need to have your "Preference Filters" in the admin panel with the "Advanced" and "Experimental" options enabled in order to see this feature checkbox.

You can choose a value from a dropdown box by selecting the items in the list through scrolling down, as usual, or you can nowadays filter the list values based on the text you type at the top.

Click to expand
Click to expand

Multiple selection 

Similary, a section to allow multiple selection of items can be shown in a small but enhanced dropdown box, which allows the user to select one or many of the options, remove then from the list in the text field at the top:

Click to expand
Click to expand

Filtering displayed options by typed text 

Additionally, you can also filter the values displayed in the dropdown so that only those matching your typed text are shown in the list (only the ones starting with "D" in the example below: Documentation and Dogfood a * site.

Click to expand
Click to expand

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