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 Feature removed from Tiki23+
After years being deprecated ( the image gallery was definitely removed from Tiki23. ( See below information to migrate from Image gallery to File Gallery.

Image galleries are collections of images. If the Image Gallery feature is enabled in your Tiki installation, you can create public or private galleries and upload images to them from your local hard drive or another Internet URL. Tiki automatically creates thumbnail versions of your uploaded images; you don't have to do so yourself. Galleries can be used for photo albums of course, but also creatively for other applications such as product "showrooms",

The following is a compilation of commit and messages, please add your experience and clarify information to help others.

Migration on upgrade (Automatic)

Automatic migration on upgrade has not been documented but it has been confirmed it should have been working by other developers. It is strongly suggested to use the conversion options on a backup first.

While a script should be running on upgrading a Tiki (before Tiki 23) that use the Image Gallery to migrate images into the File Gallery feature it have been reported that images are not always migrated. The script was added on Tiki 20 and improved on ((Tiki21|Tiki 21).
Different commits for the Image Gallery (migration started on 2017):

To migrate you have to be sure that your Tiki stores images in a directory and not in the database. To do so, go to the Admin Control Panel, Image Gallery. For the storage option select Store in database, for the directory path insert the path of the images folder in a folder you should have previously created following Tiki File Storage page suggestions.

Using Web interface

From Tiki 21 (suggested) to Tiki 23 it is possible to manually move images using a button available at the top of the Image galleries.

Migrate Image to file gallery using the web interface

You will end with a File Gallery name "Migrated Image Galleries" that contain you Images

Migrated Image Galleries

Using the Tiki console (shell)

If you have shell access you can use the Tiki Console and the "gallery:migrate" command.

In the Admin control panel, File Gallery there is an option "Redirect to file gallery" it will redirect links and point the previous images migrated to the correct File Gallery.

Before Tiki 23

Feature Overview

The following is a short list of Image Gallery features:

  • Enable or disable the Image Gallery feature.
  • Set display of listing fields, such as description or created date.
  • Make a gallery public or private, and control its permissions.
  • Create, modify and delete galleries.
  • Adjust auto-thumbnailing settings.
  • Set the number of thumbnail rows and columns.
  • Categorize your galleries.
  • Upload images from URL or disk. (NOTE: To upload a lot of pictures at once, upload a .zip file containing all of your image files and Tiki will automatically unzip the image files and enter them into the gallery for you).
  • Override auto-thumbnailing by uploading your own thumbnails.
  • Enter a name for your uploaded image, or, let Image Gallery use the filename.
  • Put coordinates on images and display them using the maps feature.
  • Directory Batch Loading to upload yor images by scp, ftp, etc
  • Batch upload (upload .zip which is decompressed on the server)

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