Disclaimer : note that, as of April 2016, this functionality seems to be deprecated and it is highly advised to use the group watches functionality instead of. The "group alert" functionality doesn't look to even be working at all. If you're a tiki dev, please, see here.

This page should merge with alert.

Group Alert

This is a new feature added in Tikiwiki 3.0

With this feature you can choose the user in the group to be alerted about some changes in the Tiki site:

  • calendar items
  • tracker chagnes
  • tracker item changes
  • file gallery cahnges

 Group alert vs Group watch

Both features are fairly similar - two different developments done almost at the same time.


  • group alert is more resource consuming as it searchs all the groups for each access - group watch is not if not used
  • group alert has an option to select some users in the groups - group watch does not have.
  • group watch can be seen in the notification panel . It doesn't seem that a user cannot have a global view of group alert.