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GlitchTip is an Open Source error tracking system and you can self-host GlitchTip or subscribe to

The recommended and fully functional way to track your Tiki errors in GlitchTip is (where is your Tiki instance and is your GlitchTip instance):

Setup GlitchTip for a new project:

  • Add a new project in your Glitchtip instance by clicking the "Create New Project"
  • Choose PHP as your platform, input the project name ( and select your team


  • Tiki23+ bundles sentry/sdk so you should not run Composer

  • Note and copy your DSN from the left panel, it will be used in the Tiki .ini file:


1.1.3. Create a new .ini file and modify local.php:

It is not recommended to use tiki-admin.php Setup Error Tracking feature in Admin > General > Error Tracking because it loads later and will miss some error messages

  • Navigate to your Tiki root /db folder and create a new tiki.ini file containing
[glitchtip] preference.error_tracking_enabled_php = y preference.error_tracking_enabled_js = y preference.error_tracking_dsn =

Of course, replace the preference.error_tracking_dsn link with the DSN generated by GlitchTip

  • Now add the following lines to your existing local.php file in the same /db folder
$system_configuration_file = 'db/tiki.ini'; $system_configuration_identifier = 'glitchtip';

1.1.4. You are done

Check the errors reported in your GlitchTip instance, by navigating to your project.

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