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Wiki Plugin 을 사용하여 유사하게 태그가 붙은 개체들을 나열합니다. 개체는 실질적으로는 위키 페이지, 블로그 게시물, 기사, 파일 갤러리, 파일, 투표, 퀴즈 등등과 같은 티키 페이지의 한 종류가 될 수 있습니다.

사용법과 매개변수

이 플러그인을 위키 페이지 내부에서 사용하려면, 다음 문법을 사용하십시오:

{FREETAGGED(tags= , type= , offset= , maxRecords= , sort_mode= , find= , broaden= , h_level= , titles_only= , max_image_size= )}{FREETAGGED}

Introduced in Tiki 5.
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Preferences required: feature_freetags, wikiplugin_freetagged

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
find text Show objects with names or descriptions similar to the text entered here 5.0
h_level int Choose the header level for formatting. Default is 3 (for header level h3). Set to -1 for no header tags. 3 5.0
max_image_size digits Height or width in pixels. Default: 0 (no maximum) 0 5.0
maxRecords int Default -1 (all) -1 5.0
more (blank)
Show a 'more' link that links to the full list of tagged objects (not shown by default) n
moreurl url Alternate "more" link pointing to specified URL instead of default full list of tagged objects tiki-browse_freetags.php
moretext raw Alternate text to display on the "more" link (default is "more") more
offset int Start record 0 5.0
tags text Leave blank to use the object's own tags. 5.0
broaden (blank)
n|y n 5.0
titles_only n
Choose whether to show titles only (not shown by default) n 5.0
sort_mode (blank)| comments_locked_asc| comments_locked_desc| created_asc| created_desc| description_asc| description_desc| hits_asc| hits_desc| href_asc| href_desc| itemid_asc| itemid_desc| name_asc| name_desc| objectid_asc| objectid_desc| type_asc| type_desc Determine sort order based on various fields (Default: created_desc) created_desc 5.0
type (blank)| all| all| wiki page| blog post| article| directory| faq| file gallery| file| poll| quiz| survey| tracker Type of objects to extract. Set to All to find all types. 5.0


다음과 같은 코드,

{FREETAGGED(tags=syntax h_level=5 maxRecords=5 sort_mode=hits)}{FREETAGGED}

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