FAQs User

Users with tiki_p_view_faqs permission can view the FAQs.

  1. To view the available FAQs, select FAQs > List FAQs from the main menu. The FAQs page (tiki-list_faqs.php) appears. The Available FAQs section shows a list of the FAQs to choose from.
    Available FAQs area of the FAQs page.
    Available FAQs area of the FAQs page.

    TitleName of the FAQ section. Click the title to display the individual FAQs in each section.
    DescriptionDescription of each FAQ section.
    VisitsNumber of views (hits) to each FAQ section.
    QuestionsNumber individual FAQs (and suggested questions) in each section

  2. Click an FAQ section to display its individual FAQs on the tiki-view_faq.php page:
    List of FAQ Questions.
    List of FAQ Questiosn.

Creating new FAQ sections

FAQs are grouped into sections. Each specific FAQ must belong to at least one section. Users with tiki_p_admin_faqs permissions can create new FAQ sections:

  1. From the main menu, select FAQs > Admin FAQs. The FAQs page (tiki-list_faqs.php) appears.
  2. Complete the fields in the Create New FAQ form to create a new FAQ section:
    TitleName of the FAQ section.
    DescriptionDescription of the FAQ section.
    CategorizeClick Show categories to select a category for this FAQ section.
    Users can suggest questionsSpecify if users with tiki_p_view_faqs permission can suggestion new FAQs for this section. This is useful to allow users to provide feedback to your site's FAQs.

  3. Click Save. Tiki adds the FAQ section to the list of FAQs.

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