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Edit CSS

Edit CSS is a feature to let you create and update the CSS of your theme via the web interface.

Once enabled and saved a button will appear next to the option allowing you to edit the templates css file.

The user must have the tiki_p_create_css permission.

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Old doc:

This page needs:
- Clarification as to whether this changes theme for all other users or only for user who edits theme, explanation of note 'File with names appended by -(username) are modifiable, others are only duplicable and be used as model.'
- Explanation on which users have tiki_p_create_css permission enabled by default and if it has to be manually enabled for admins and so on.
- Does the old doc have any information worth using here, such as 'To activate it, set the perm in features admin panel; also set the group perms in tiki section.' Does that apply to the updated editCSS feature? If so its an important inclusion in this page.

Original CSS files can be overwritten or deleted completely. Backup the file before saving changes. This problem was observed in Tiki9.1 on Debian Squeeze, workaround included here: https://dev.tiki.org/item4344