As of Tiki19, ViewerJS, which includes WebODF, will no longer be supported because no significant work has been done since 2015

For PDF viewing, we will start using code directly from Mozilla's PDF.js, and installable via Packages.

For ODF viewing, we will start using code directly from the Wodo text editor (WebODF), and installable via Packages.


WebODF has been added to Tiki8 as a new feature, called Tiki Docs

Tiki Docs was first tested on Sept 1st, 2011 by Marc Laporte, Robert Plummer, and Jos van dev Oever (of WebODF).

"WebODF is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to add Open Document Format (ODF) support to your website and to your mobile or desktop application. It uses HTML and CSS to display ODF documents."

Tiki Docs, similar to what we already have for Tiki Draw. Thus, ODF files in the File Gallery will either be editable via WebDAV or WebODF (in addition to downloading the file, editing offline, and re-uploading later). Like Tiki Draw, the WebODF integration will by default save a new revision at each save. Thus, if something goes wrong, the previous file version is available.

There is no immediate plan to convert from wiki to ODF or vice-versa. But this could be looked into in future versions. This is related to the Tiki Suite.

On a related notes, you may be also be interested in Spreadsheet and Slideshow, but these are not stored in the file gallery, and instead use their native data format.


Similar to Draw, visit the File Gallery and view/edit the ODF file from there.

Step by step

  1. Activate webODF at tiki-admin.php (activate experimental preferences and search for WebODF and activate)
  2. Visit tiki-list_file_gallery.php and upload a .odt file
  3. Click on the wrench icon next to the file and you'll see an option for "View" and "Edit"


WebODF is AGPL. Special thanks to Jos van den Oever for adding adding a clause which permits integration with LGPL (which Tiki needs to be able to bundle WebODF).


Screencast Recording

Recording of the January 2012 webinar (Go to 1h22m minutes)


Stats about WebODF



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