Contributions by author

This feature is introduced in Tiki6 as an addition to the History feature. It visualizes the contributions made by different authors over time and displays statistics.

 Features 'Contribution (types)' vs. 'Contributions by Author'

Keep in ind that this feature can be used in parallel to the Contribution and Action log features, since they both cover fetching data from the authors contributions:

  • Contributions by Author works on a page per page basis, showing which piece of text was written by whom, for any page version that you are viewing.
  • Contribution allows each user to indicate the type of contribution performed in each wiki page, comments, sheets, blogs, .... And by means of the Action log feature, an editor can see a report on a collection of pages (which can be filtered/grouped by categories, selection of multiple users, groups of users, and time periods), showing not only the amount of text added or deleted for each user or group of users, but also the types of contributions, as tagged by users (students) and corrected (if needed) by editors (teachers)

How to enable

Go to tiki-admin.php?page=wiki -> features -> history


How to access

Click "Contributions by author" button next to the other action buttons

Opening the statistics

When clicking on the "Contributions by author" button, this page will be analyzed and the results will be shown. On a page with multiple versions written by a lot of different authors, this will be a resource consuming process.

Screenshot contributions by author

Display options

Using the form at the top of the page, you can choose what will be analyzed and how the output will be shown.

With the Process option, you can choose, if you want to analyse the original wiki text, the generated HTML or the output text (with all HTML removed) as the base for your analysis. By default, the generated HTML will be taken.

If you do not want to show the statistics, uncheck the Show statistics option. The Visualize page changes option allows you to turn off the display of the document with different colors for each author.
By setting the Show popups option, you can enable popups appearing when you move the mouse over the text. Those popups show the name of the author who wrote the text and in case of a deleted text, it also shows the author who deleted it.

Setting Escape HTML / Wiki Syntax in page changes, will make the HTML or wiki syntax visible in the rendered output.

Finally, you can choose the version of the page up to which the analysis will be done. By default, it is the actual version of the page.


For each author a line is shown in the statistics, counting the words, whitespaces (HTML tags are considered whitespaces), characters (counting Wiki syntax, HTML and spaces as well) and printable characters.

If you do not escape HTML/Wiki Syntax, these tags will be counted but not displayed literally giving a discrepancy between the visible and counted characters.


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