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Blogs Config


Admin Access

To access administration, go to Home Page and, on the Menu, click on "Admin (click!)".

Sections: Tiki Admin Panel

You will access the Sections Tiki Config Panel , as shown in this graphics:


Blog settings

From the Tiki Config Panel, click the Blogs icon to display its settings panel, the top of which appears like so:


Home Blog (main blog)

The Home Blog will have the following properties:

  • If not selected it will default to the first blog created.
  • It's where you go if you click on blogs in the main menu (without expanding the menu).
  • It's where you go as the home page if you select the home page to be a blog (in the general settings).

Blog features

Enable/disable rankings/comments and you can select which is the Home Blog.

Blog listings configuration

Blog comments settings

Blog Archives

You can see the blog archives using the module months_links, which will also allow you to see links for other years posts.

Module shown when English
is selected as language
Module shown when French
is selected as language
Module shown when Russian
is selected as language
Note that the number of blog posts per year can vary depending on the language

In order to have this module configured, you have to add some paramters as in the screenshot below:


So this way, each language can have a module specific for that language, showing the posts of that blog (one blog per language), for a given time frame, specified in the parameters of the module definition.

In addition, you can show blog posts between two dates in a wiki page using the Blog list plugin, with the parameters for start date and end date.

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