Best language

The option best language means that the page that will be displayed is driven by your language user preferences. So if your language is Spanish, then when navigating from page to page, each time a page in Spanish exists in the set of translation, this page will be displayed.

For example: Your chosen language is French. You visit a page in French. From there, you click a link to another page. However, this new page is not translated and thus, you read it in English. In this page, you click a link to another English page, however, since Tiki knows that you picked French, it will show you the French version of the page. From any page, you can switch to any language if you wish.

The Best language feature is mainly used in an open multilingual site as The pages are not translated in order. The translators don't have to change the links to the translated page. Their job is easier and it avoids to have a lot of bad links during a translation phase. For an operational multilingual site, the links must be adapted and the feature deactivated.

Tiki will use the best language in some situations:

  • In the Articles Home page and in the PluginArticles, if an article belongs to a set of translations only the article with the best language will be displayed.
  • If the parameter bl or best_lang is given to tiki-index.php and if the page belongs to a set of translations, the page in the best language will be automatically displayed.
  • If the feature "Best language" is set in the admin/i18n, a link to a wiki page from a wiki page will reach the page in the best language if this page is in a set of translations.(the feature best_language is activated with Show pages in user's preferred language)