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Batch actions

This feature allows you to do some actions in batch. You still need to set up a cron job or other tools to activate the features described here.

Features with batch actions

1.1.1. Email sending from Daily reports

Using tiki-user_send_reports.php

See Daily reports and Token access

1.1.2. Email sending from Newslettters

Using tiki-bach_send_newsletter.php

See Newsletters, Token access and

1.1.3. Events on Tracker items: Changing status & email notification in advanced

It is possible to specify automatic item status change for a tracker after a certain period of inactivity. Moreover, some emails can be sent to warn the user about that change at some predefined time before the status item change is planned to happen.

You can define it through the "Events" option for tracker; the icon is shown in the list of Trackers (tiki-list_trackers.php) > column "Actions": Image

See Tracker Events

1.1.4. Updating advanced rating

Using a custom php script as described in

See Calculations

1.1.5. Updating the Search engine

When you use lucense search, you can set up a cron job to rebuild the search index periodically at times with little user activity.

See Cron Job to Rebuild Search Index

Batch upload files to file galleries

See Batch Upload

Setting up cron jobs

You can set a cron to launch batch actions at a specific time and frequency. In some case, you will be able to set a cron job in the same server where you tiki is hosted, but in some cases, like in most shared hosting environments, you will have to find other way to handle it, since you don't have access to set a cron job in the server.

Some of these batch action can be launched from a cron job in an external server in a controlled way by means of token access control.

To do so:

  1. browse the url http://yourserver/tiki-admin_tokens.php (there is a link also at tiki-admin.php?page=security#cookietab=5 )
  2. click at "Add new token" and fill in the from
  3. Once the token is created, copy it's value from the table.

Let's assume that your token value is "3e18afe286c9a9639fabc40932497fd3", and that the URL that you want to call from the crontab is http://yourserver/tiki-send_batch_newsletter.php?editionId=2

In this case, the record in the crontab of the external server has to be like:

curl 'http://path_to_tiki/tiki-send_batch_newsletter.php?editionId=2&TOKEN=3e18afe286c9a9639fabc40932497fd3'


Some links to set up a cron:

See also Cron for more information on how to set a cron job throgh the crontab.


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