See also Transactional Email Providers

Mail notifications

The Mail notifications interface is found under Admin' → Mail Notifications''.

Email notification allows you to receive an email when certain events occur on your Tiki site. The current list of events that can trigger mail are

  • a user registering
  • a user posting an article
  • any wiki page is changed
  • any wiki page is changed, even minor edits
  • a comment is posted or changed in a wiki page
  • file galleries quota is exceeded
  • PHP error

Please note: You must set your sending email address on the General Admin page to enable this feature.


  • no permission is checked when using an email setting. You can with this overpass the permission checking.
  • tw < 4.0: permissions are not checked on a user
  • tw >=4.0: permissions are checked if you use a user setting - a user watching any page change will not receive a notification if the page he can not see change

Note: If you want to delete an email from all your site. There is a list of places to check

  • admin->Mail notifications
  • the tables tiki_user_watches, tiki_mail_events
  • newsletters subscription
  • tracker->edit->outbound email
  • forum->edit->outbound email
  • myTiki->addressbook
  • admin->general->sender email
  • tiki-contacts.php
  • admin->users
  • this list is not exhaustive