Social Network Configuration

The connection to the website through social networks allows the visitor 'a tiki site, to quickly register on a site by letting their network provide information about themselves. The principle of operation is simple. When a user chooses a social network, he is sent to the server of the latter. There he is invited to enter his details. When they are validated, he is returned to the TIKI site on which he wanted to connect.

configuration steps

To achieve this some data must be provided: first make the choices of your social network(s). To do this go to Settings-> User & Community -> social network -> General or tiki-admin.php?page=socialnetworks#content_admin1-1 Make your choice(s) then validate.
Secondly: always in social network go to setting or paste tiki-admin.php?page=socialnetworks#content_admin1-2 Your choices will be visible in well framed zones above. In each zone check the box YourSocialNetwork login allowed ? by doing that a button leading to your site will be available on the login page but will not be functional.


In this document YourSocialNetwork Represents the name of the social network of your choice
Thirdly, turn in each area click on the more/less button...

You will be asked for several things. The mandatory fields are YourSocialNetwork Application ID and YourSocialNetwork Application secret.
For a good functioning in Tiki we advise you to check the boxes below.

YourSocialNetwork auto-create user?
YourSocialNetwork user prefix to auto-create
YourSocialNetwork auto-create user email?
YourSocialNetwork auto-create user tracker item?
YourSocialNetwork auto-create user name(s)?


The field YourSocialNetwork user prefix to auto-create is filled with the initial of the network you have chosen. So the user name will be the combination of the value in this field and a sequence of numbers that will be assigned to it.

This will automatically create a user in Tiki that will be in the default register group.
For this to work properly you would need to enable the User preferences screen, you can find this by going to setting-> User Setting -> Default User preferences -> User preferences screen or tiki-admin.php?page=user.

Some errors may be there

TikiHybrid_construct : this site is not register with it means that you haven't insert the ID and the secret code of your Application yet.

TikiHybrider error : A valid CallBack url is required means the path in the socnets Login Base Url field in Settings -> User & Community -> social network -> setting is not correct. Make sure to have in this field the value https://<your domain name> tiki-login_hybridauth.php?provider=

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