Slider Comparison

Tiki includes several content sliders (also known as carousels, image rotaters, swipers, or slide shows) that can be used to display a series of images or other content. This table is to provide some help in deciding which one to use.

Slider Name Plugin Name Author URL Code Repository Since Status Pluses Minuses
Swiper PluginSwiper (wikiplugin_swiper) Github Tiki 19 Active (Recommended) Lots of features. See
Bootstrap Carousel List (wikiplugin_list)
PluginList output control block Github Active Works with List wiki plugin. No plugin help modal.
Sparse Tiki documentation.
Depends on Search, which adds a layer of complexity (for example, search set up and index rebuilding).
Anything Slider Slider (wikiplugin_slider)
( Will be removed before Tiki25. Support is active but latest code commit was on 2018.
Issues being responded to (
Visual theme options
Interface options
Doesn't work in a module zone. Also param resizecontents needs to be "y" due to incompatibility with current jQuery.
Infinite Carousel Carousel (wikiplugin_carousel)
( Will be removed before Tiki25. Not active.
Latest commit: version 3.0.3 – January 24, 2013
Galleriffic Galleriffic (wikiplugin_galleriffic)
( Will be removed before Tiki25. Not active.
Latest commit: November 14, 2009%%%Code hosted at Google Code ("After January 2016 you will no longer be able to access source code from a version control client; however project data will still be available from the Google Code Archive.")
Includes a clickable array of thumbnails below the slides.
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