Restoration process of an instance
Applies when you move a Tiki application from one server to another and you use a linux server with Virtual min. Restore is when you take a backup of a Tiki instance and place it on another instance.

Rename your backup by changing the value of the first number so that it is the same as the one of the backup already present.

NB: in public_html is by default index.html, remove that before creating an empty instance.

Which instance(s) do you want to restore to? The number of the empty instance.
Which instance do you want to restore from? The number of the instance where the backup is located
Which backup do you want to restore? The number of your backup (NB it will only appear if you have changed the value of the first digit to be the same as the one already there.


Then everything should go smoothly.

If the procedure does not start and you have No instances available to restore to/from. It simply means that you are missing either an empty instance or you have no backup created by one of your instances

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