Plugin Insert

Introduced in Tiki10

Use this wiki plugin Create a tracker element when the plugin is inserted in the page. The plugin code is removed and replaced by a link to the newly created element. This plugin does not have its own parameters. it accedes to parameters external to the plugin. for example the combination permanentName="value"


Introduced in Tiki 10.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_insert, feature_trackers, wikiplugin_objectlink

no parameters

example of use

you create a page or modify a page and you want to put a tracking element (a link) to a data in a tracker.

{INSERT(ActuOthor="Eric Michel", ActuBook="how to build home" )}
ActuOthor and ActuBook are permanent names and eric michel and "how to build home" are the values to insert

the saved data goes into the tracker you have defined with the preference tracker_insert_allowed. choose a tracker where your data will be saved.

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