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By default, Tiki is configured with default performance settings which should suit most contexts. For example, Tiki uses the Smarty template engine and it has built-in cache. If you find Tiki slow, this page is here to help.

Basic tips

Real User Measurement

Minify JavaScript

Minify CSS

Apache (httpd.conf)

PHP Settings (php.ini)

Accelerating PHP


Alternative PHP Cache (APC)





Database performance

This is a troubleshooting guide for database performance.


MySQL has a slow queries feature which is accessible via a log or at the command line. Please read the MySQL manual page to enable this feature.

Using the information in MySQL's chapter on optimization, look for places where indexes may improve the database access speed. Add an index, then re-test. If you think you've found an improved indexing scheme, please open a tracker item on

In tiki-admin.php?page=general, you can activate Log SQL and set Log queries using more than (seconds):

MySQL replication

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