List of special interfaces

Tiki has various interfaces which override the standard interface (Bootstrap-based themes). As of 2019-08-26, there are various UIs because they were done by different people at different times. Next steps:

  1. Make a list of all interfaces
  2. Compare UIs
  3. Determine which ones (some or all) should be unified
  4. Determine if and how they should be themable
  5. Make it happen

What the community installs

Tiki installer

Composer has not yet been run

(mentioned by Jonny)

Attempt to run CLI


Tiki Manager

Tiki Check

In standalone mode: not really any theme
Within a configured Tiki: should take them of the Tiki

What the community uses


Composer / Satis Repository (suggested by Jean-Marc)


Page not found

At Tiki sites, for invalid URLs ending in .php (or .html, etc.), instead of a normal 404 error, this is displayed: "No route found. Please see". (Related bug reports: and

Also, an issue with page not found is a very broken page being returned. See

403, 404, 500, 503 Errors

The server errors right now are not handled by Tiki, and hence have the default view of the server default, or sometimes on shared hosting the somewhat prettier messages they provide. It is a simple matter to take control over these, but of course, we need somewhere pretty to send users.

index.php & must be included errors

These currently unhelpful errors should probably be redirected to a 403 page.

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