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At Tiki.org, the “backlinks to index” method can be used to “mark” pages to indicate their status. This is a very simple and fast wiki-based method, using the PluginBacklinks. If you think a status tag should apply to a page, just link that page to the appropriate status tag page. A tag can represent a step in the documentation lifecycle status, or can simply be used to highlight pages on this site that need attention from authors.


Authors, please review the lists on this page and fix what you can! Please edit any of these pages and remove the status link if (in your opinion) the problem is resolved (or never existed).


Translators, please do not tag localised pages with the following tags. Taging the original version (in English) is enough, translations have the same status. You can create translation status tag for you langage thought if you wish

Table of contents


Place a delete Tag on any page that you believe should be deleted, also giving the reason why. For example:
This page should be deleted because it has been superseded by ((‘’a page name here’‘)) .

List of pages with the delete tag:
No pages link to delete

If you think that you have found errors in the document (misleading or plain wrong information), place this tag at the point where the error was found, with an explanation of the error. For example:
This page contain errors. The procedure for creating a tracker does not include setting group permissions

List of pages with the errors tag:
No pages link to errors

a user is looking for help with a specific documentation problem
The help tag is used to identify a feature or setting that requires more info from a developer or more experienced user. Place the tag at the point where help is needed. If you are tagging an item inside a wiki table, place a tag in the table at the spot you need help and put a box underneath the table. For example:
Upper Case Allowed?Allows upper case if checked
Superformat? I need help understanding what superformat does

I need help understanding what the superformat feature does.

List of pages with the help tag:
3 pages link to help

The in progress tag indicate that the page or a paragraph is being edited heavily at the moment.
Write your name and the date next to this tag: Example:
Work in progress (me, june 2013)

List of pages with the in progress tag:
No pages link to in progress

Place a merge tag in a page that you think is a duplicate of, or is too similar/complementary to another page. For example:
This page should merge with ((this other page))

List of pages with the merge tag:

The move tag is for pages that should be moved to another Tiki site.
List of pages with the move tag:
No pages link to move

This Tag is used many times in the Documentation Lifecycle:
  • After new documentation is created
  • After screenshots have been added or replaced
  • After errors have been corrected
  • After refactoring
In short, after every major edit the document should go back to needs review status. Please give a brief description of what was changed to save the review editor the time of digging through page history. Examples:
This is new documentation that needs review.

I’ve added a screenshot of the newsreader admin page that needs review

The permissions setup section has been re-written and needs review

List of pages with the needs review tag:

The obsolete tag indicate that a page’s content has to be renewed. Example:
This page is obsolete since Tiki X

List of pages with the obsolete tag:

the page needs to be re-organized, possibly using a documentation template
The refactor Tag is a request to make substantial changes to a page. It should be placed at the top of the page. The Tag should include the reasons why the change is needed. Examples:
Please add this page to the refactor list. The feature was completely rewritten for version 2.0 and there are several new permissions that need to be included

Please refactor. This page needs to be re-organized using one of the documentation templates

List of pages with the refactor tag:

The screenshot Tag is a request for adding missing or replacing obsolete screenshot(s). It should be placed at the point where change is needed and contain an explanation. For example:
The screenshot of the admin panel should be replaced because we have new icons in version x

List of pages with the screenshot tag:
No pages link to screenshot

The stub Tag is placed at the top of an otherwise empty page, it should always invite participation to complete it with a link to the Welcome Authors page, like this:
This page is a stub. You can help fill it in!.

List of pages with the stub tag:

The structure ready tag is a request to add a page to a structure, so it will be included in table of contents and PDF’s created from those structures. When you use this tag, please place it at the top of the page and indicate which structure the page should be added to, like this:
This page is structure ready, it should be added to the main documentation structure.

List of pages with the structure ready tag:

can be combined with any of the above, indicating well, um urgency
If you feel a page needs to be worked on ahead of others, you can Tag it as urgent. Valid reasons for using urgent would be highly used page with errors, key new feature, security info, etc. There’s no guarantee the other editors will share your sense of urgency, so it’s best to edit the page yourself. An urgent Tag can be combined with any of the other tags and should be placed at the top of the page. For example:
Many users are asking this question in IRC. Updating this page is an urgent requirement. Please help

List of pages with the urgent tag:
No pages link to urgent

How to Tag


  • See the section above for the list of existing tags and pick the one you think is most appropriate for the page you are targeting
  • Edit the targeted wiki page
    • Place a wiki link at the top of the target page to the appropriate tag page
      Use the normal syntax for an internal link: ((stub)), ((delete)) or ((errors))
    • Use your tag in a sentence, and add a sentence or two about why you placed the tag
    • Add a box around the text to call attention to it
  • Save edit


^Many users are asking this question in IRC.  Updating this page is an ((urgent)) requirement. Please ((help))^
Many users are asking this question in IRC. Updating this page is an urgent requirement. Please help

Creating Other Tags

  • Make sure there’s not already another tag that you could use (see above),
  • consult the Editorial board,
  • create a wiki page with the name of the tag you want to create, and on that page:
  • edit this current page (Documentation Status) and add a tab for your tag in the chapter above, or add a comment to the page,
  • add an explaination on the purpose of the tag in the new tab/comment,
  • consider adding a section to this page to explain the purpose of the tag.

Note: This informal method should not be confused with the Category or Freetags (also known as Folksonomy tags) features in Tikiwiki.

Alias names of this page:
How to Tag | Status Tags | Tag

Editor notes







Keywords serve as “hubs” for navigation within the Tiki documentation. They correspond to development keywords (bug reports and feature requests):

Accessibility (WAI and 508)
Accounting (7.x)
Articles and Submissions
Batch (6.x)
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing (5.x)
Browser Compatibility
Link Cache
Clean URLs
Communication Center
Compression (gzip)
Contacts (Address Book)
Contact us
Content Templates
Contribution (2.x)
Credit (6.x)
Custom Home and Group Home Page
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory of hyperlinks
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Docs 8.x
Draw 7.x
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
Gmap Google maps
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management (4.x)
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Look and Feel
Lost edit protection
Map with Mapserver
Meta Tags
Mobile Tiki and Voice Tiki
Performance Speed / Load
Platform independence (Linux-Apache, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Profile Manager
Search engine optimization
Search and Replace
Semantic links (3.x)
Shadow Layers
Shopping cart
Social Networks
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Tags (2.x)
Tell a Friend, alert + Social Bookmarking
TikiTests (2.x)
Theme CSS & Smarty
Transitions (5.x)
User Administration including registration and banning
User Files
User Menu
WebDAV (5.x)
Web Services
Wiki 3D
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki Page Staging and Approval (2.x)
Wiki Plugin extends basic syntax
Wiki Syntax
Wiki structure (book and table of content)

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