XML Import-Export

Introduced in Tiki3

It is possible to import/or export a list of pages or a structure in an xml format
Each page can be exported with:

  • its history
  • its comments
  • its attached files
  • its images

The export produces a zip file containing

  • a wiki.xml page
  • a directory for each page. And each of this directory
    • page.txt: that contains the data of a page
    • a directory attachments that contains all the attached files of the page
    • a directory images that contains all the images contained in the page (via the wiki plugin No image specified. One of the following parameters must be set: fileId, randomGalleryId, fgalId, attId, id, or src.)
    • a directory history that contains all the data of each history

Example of a wiki.xml page

      Joyeux Noel


This example is very simplified. More fields are provided

For a structure we will have something like

    1 noel
       1.1 noel
     2 noel

The export can be done in wiki->List pages or in Structures-> List structures
The import can be done by calling tiki-import_xml_zip.php
You need to have tiki_p_admin to do the import and the export



The ZipArchive class for php must be installed
(Example: for gentoo, emerge pecl-zip and restart the server)


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