Wiki General Preferences tab

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Use this tab to set the primary wiki options.
To Access
From the Administer Wiki page, click the General Preferences tab.

Option Description Default
Wiki Pages and collaboratively authored documents with edit history. Enabled
Wiki homepage The default home page of the wiki when no other page is specified. The page will be created if it does not already exist. HomePage
Wiki URL scheme Alter the SEFURL pattern for page names.
Use the "View" action to regenerate your URLs after changing this setting.
Replace spaces with dashes | Replace spaces with underscores | URL Encode (Tiki Classic)
Replace spaces with dashes
Prevent special characters in page names Some characters in a wiki page name may prevent the page from being easily accessible via the URL or wiki links. This option prevents the creation of page names with such characters. Enabled
Wiki link format Level of special characters acceptable in wiki links for page names. For example: Page éàî
"Strict" includes only basic characters such as a-z and 0-9. A site that uses accented or special characters in page names should not use "strict".
Complete | Relaxed | Strict
Page name display stripper The character(s) to use as a delimiter in the page name. The portion of the name after the character(s) will not be displayed. If the page name display stripper conflicts with the namespace separator, the namespace is used and the page name display is not stripped. None
Display page name as page title Display the page name at the top of each page as page title. If not enabled, the page content should contain an h1 heading to function as the page title, or the page description can be used as the title. Enabled
Display the page name above the page area Display the page name in small text at the top of each page (above the page's content). Disabled
Display the page name inside the page content Display the page name inside the page content. Disabled
Add an option to hide the page title per wiki page Enable the page title to not be displayed, on a per-page basis. Enabled
Anchor links on headings Cause a link icon to appear on hover over each heading, useful for sharing the URL to an exact location on a page. Enabled
Show the page description Display the wiki page description between the page title and the page content. Disabled
Show the page ID Each wiki page has a numeric ID and this can be displayed. Disabled
Show the page version Display the page version information when viewing the page. Disabled
Wiki author list style Change the list format that is used to display the authors of the page.
Creator and Author | Business style | Collaborative style | Page last modified on | none (disabled)
none (disabled)
Specify wiki author list style per page Enable the style in which the author list is displayed to be modified on a per-page basis. Disabled
Encourage contribution to wiki pages by anonymous When a page is not editable because the user is anonymous, display the edit buttons anyway. The visitor will be prompted with a log-in screen and will be encouraged to register in order to be able to edit the page. Disabled
Show/hide icon before headings For use with the !!- or !!+ syntax. Activating this will display the show/hide icon at the left of the heading; otherwise, it displays below. Disabled
Wiki page edit buttons location Specify the location of the Save, Preview, and Cancel buttons on the wiki edit page.
Top | Bottom | Both
Wiki navigation bar location When using the
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