Wiki Modules

module nameusage
wiki_last_commentsShows the name of the commented pages, the beginning of comment and in tooltip the commenter and comment date.
comm_received_objectsA summary of objects received in your site from other sites (including Wiki pages)
last_modif_pagesShows the name of the latest changed Wiki pages. Extremely useful to review modifications
quick_editAllows to edit or create a Wiki page by simply entering its name
random_pagesShows random pages at each pageload
search_wiki_pageSearches for Wiki pages matching (can be partially) the name entered
top_pagesMost visited Wiki pages
user_pagesShows the pages edited (or created) by the module viewer

Wiki Plugins

To learn about wiki plugins, go to Wiki Plugin

List Pages

The setting in admin->wiki->wiki->list pages.
The perm is tiki_p_view


The find option filters on the pagename.
If you enter abc, it will search for the pages that have a name containing abc (for instance, the pages abcde, abc, wabc will be returned, but the page abxc will not)
If you enter 'abc efg' or 'abc, efg'(string containing different word), it will search for the pages with a name containing abc or efg or both (for instance 'abcee', 'xxabc zz yyefg'). If you want only the pages containing 'abc efg', you have to match exact match option.

It is possible to use wildcards in the find string:

  • % to match an arbitrary number of characters (including zero characters)
  • _ to match any single character

To match any special character precede it with \
ab%c will return adbc, aeebcdd
a\%b will return a%bccc but not acb

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