Wiki 3D Browser

Wiki3d is a way to view and browse the wiki structure in 3D.


  • Java installed on local computer
  • Enabling those options:
    • "XMLRPC API" in Admin > Features > Programmer.
    • "Morcego 3D Browser" in Admin > Features > Experimentals.
    • "Enable wiki 3D browser:" in Admin > Wiki > Wiki 3D Browser Configuration.

Using the 3D browser

Click on the little bat like icon : Image

Then you'll get an image, if you have Java installed, like this:

Now you can:

  • Drag mouse on an empty space to rotate the graph
  • Rotate fast and release, like throwing, to make it keep spinning
  • Drag nodes to move them, the graph will balance itself again when you release
  • Click nodes to navigate to them
  • Click center node to open the node URL in your browser window

Administer the 3d Browser

You can change the settings at: Admin >Wiki>3d


Also ensure the option "XMLRPC API" is enabled in Admin >Freatures.
This feature is only enabled when some themes are chosen, like:

  • moreneat.css
  • TODO: list up the themes


  • support for hotwords
  • support for indication of external links
  • client control of number of levels/depth of visualization
  • support for UTF-8 encoded page name

Existing pages and not yet created ones can be displayed in different colors, usually in green and red respectively.

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