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Step Four in: Four Steps to make a Tracker
StepDetailsHelp Page
1. Create the TrackerAdmin names the tracker, and assign overall parameters and permissions Creating a Tracker
2. Add fields to the Tracker Admin defines the columns and type of information collected Adding fields to a tracker
3. Add items to the trackerUsers fill out the forms to create items in the trackerAdding items to a tracker
4. View or List the resultsUse plugins to view a customized tracker output in a pageViewing Tracker Results
5. Assign Trackers to Groupsoptional - trackers can also be used upon registrationAssigning Trackers to groups

Once items have been inserted into a tracker, they can be viewed or listed through the tracker interface itself, or using tracker-related Plugins inside wiki pages.

Listing results through tracker interface

When using the tracker feature itself (i.e., tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=N), very little customization is allowed for the end user, plus there is no message shown to the user after insertion of new items (either success or failure messages, for instance).


However, when using tracker plugins inside Wiki pages, much more customization of the fields to be shown in a table with the results is allowed. (PluginTrackerList).

Listing results through Wiki plugins

You can list all items in a tracker, allow a user to select which filters he/she wants to use to have a selection of items shown, or show users a pre-made selection of items in the tracker.

1. PluginTrackerList to list all

In order to list all items in tracker 2 (Staff) you can use something like:

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! All Staff (alphabetical) ^{TRACKERLIST(trackerId=>2,fields=>5:11:30:41, showtitle=>n, showlinks=>y, showdesc=>n, showinitials=>n, showstatus=>n)}Notice{TRACKERLIST}^

This example, when inserted in a wiki page, would produce:


2. PluginTrackerFilter to allow filtering for a user

Moreover, another Wiki Plugin can be added in order to allow the user to choose from a Wiki page which items and fields from that tracker want to see within that Wiki page. This can be achieved with the PluginTrackerFilter:

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{TRACKERFILTER(filters=>5:11:12/d:30,action=>Find items, showtitle=>n, showlinks=>y, showdesc=>n, showinitials=>n, showstatus=>n)}{TRACKERFILTER}

This other example would produce:


3. PluginTrackerList to list a sub-set of items

Besides that, we can filter for members of a single group as follows, using PluginTrackerList and adding the filterfield and filtervalue parameters. For instance:

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!! Staff from GEMM group ^{TRACKERLIST(trackerId=>2,fields=>5:11:30, showtitle=>n, showlinks=>y, showdesc=>n, showinitials=>n, showstatus=>n, filterfield=>41, filtervalue=>GEMM)}Notice{TRACKERLIST}^

This would produce:


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