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This permits each user to have a personal wiki page. The convention (admin configurable) for page names is:


Only the given user can edit the page (and admins also of course)

Using User:JohnSmith in a link will fail, because the browser tries to use a protocoll named User.

change the default convention from User: to User- (tested in Tiki-7), the page can now be accessed via:


To configure this on your site, log on as Admin and select Admin from the menu. From the Features display select Wiki and then the Features Tab in the Wiki Config. The option "User's page" allows you to toggle this option on or off. You can also configure the "UserPage prefix".

This is also found (with the same names) in the config of the "User Features" tab of the Community feature. See also the MyTiki page http://doc.tiki.org/MyTiki for the use of MyTiki section to display the User Page.

On Tikis community Website:

login to tiki.org (community website)

go to http://tiki.org/tiki-my_tiki.php

there click the link/button "my information"


scroll down a bit and find the row:
"Personal Wiki Page ............. create my page (or a similar link, such as the question mark seen in the screenshot)"

edit the page and access it via http://tiki.org/UserPage



Screenshot from TikiWiki v8.3
Screenshot from TikiWiki v8.3

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