This tutorial briefly introduces the use of custom menus in Tiki. We quickly set up a custom menu, and introduce module assigment to specific groups. (A menu can also be made and then assigned as a "topbar menu" to display at the top of the site's pages. Make the menu as described below and then rather than put it in a module, enter its id number in on the Look and Feel admin page. The discussion below, though, covers how to use the menu in a side-column module.)

For purposes of this tutorial, we presume you are logged in as admin of your basic Tiki install.

In Tiki we call those boxes visible in the left and right columns Modules. The default Tiki installation has the application_menu module and the login_box modules assigned.

In a default Tiki installation if module has no group assigned it is displayed to all users.

How to Create a Menu visible to all users

  • By default modules are displayed to all users always. See below how-to assign modules to a specific group.
  • First, Create a new Menu: Go to Admin -> Menu and create a new menu. See Menu for details.
    • Include some options in your menu:
      • For example the link tiki-index_raw.php could be titled Home as in the default application_menu.
  • Second, Create a new Module: Go to Admin -> Modules and create a new module. See Creating Custom Modules
    • Set the Title of the Module as you would like to see the modules/menu title to appear in the columns.
    • The Name of the Module will be used to identify the module as assigned in Module Admin
    • Include your Menu in the Module:
      • Choose from available Tiki Objects to be included in the Module your new Menu.
      • Or include the menu by typing the resource identifier in the module: e.g.: ''{menu id=43}.
  • Finally, Assign your Module:
    • Choose your new module to appear in the left or right column in a specified order, assigned to some group. (As all users can see all modules by default yet, your group specific assignments will not be seen.)

How to Assign Modules to specific Groups

Now we are going to separate which modules specific groups of user can see and access in your Tiki.

  • First of all, go to Admin -> Modules and we recommend you assign at least the application_menu and the login_box to the anonymous group. You should also assign your custom menus and other modules to group anonymous.

    You do not have to assign the login_box module. You can always log in to your Tiki using http://your tiki url/tiki-login.php (or /login if SEFURLs enabled)
  • Now turn off display modules to all groups in Admin -> General.
    • If you now log out of your Tiki, there should be no great differences, if you have assigned your modules to groups.
    • From now on, you will be able to assign each module to a specific group, and that module will be seen by that group as assigned in order in the columns.

The nesting of groups in Groups Management is an easy way of assigning modules to hierarchies of users.

More information

'If you need more help after this short page, please read "Custom Menus".


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