Tiki 23.0 was released in August 2021. It is a Standard Term Support (STS) version and will be supported until Tiki 24.1 LTS is released as per the Tiki lifecycle policy

1. New Features and Improvements

(alphabetically sorted)

1.1. Composer v2

1.2. Diagrams from templates

New options were added to wikiplugin Diagram:

  • template, which points to a fileId (of a diagram) that will be used as template.
  • galleryId, which by default allows to set the gallery where to save the diagram file
  • fileName, which can be used to set a specific file name

The use case is when one or more variations need to be made based on an original diagram. The diagram can be edited and saved as the variation without affecting the original, such as when the page of the original diagram is fetched with PluginInclude and then the diagram is edited on the including page. See also https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/merge_requests/763.

1.3. Email folders Tracker field

1.4. GlitchTip Error tracking

1.5. HybridAuth integration

https://hybridauth.github.io/ is coming via https://gitlab.com/arilect/tiki/-/commits/socnets

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1.6. Machine Learning

Machine Learning has been added to Tiki23 as a built-in (but optional) feature, using the Rubix ML library, which provides 40+ supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms. Therefore, you will be able to create Machine leaning (ML) models from within Tiki itself, train against data stored in trackers and query models.

See Machine Learning

1.7. Mentions

User mentions extended from wiki pages only (as in Tiki 22.x) to all wiki text areas (comments, forum and blog posts, tracker fields etc) with an autocomplete menu to select users after typing a @ character followed by the beginning of a user's name.

1.8. Menu system

Major upgrade to Menu system with https://www.smartmenus.org/. Smartmenus extend standard Bootstrap menus by improving menu behavior in smaller displays, and enabling deeper menu hierarchies and mega menus. (Images and other non-link content in mega menus will be added soon.) See also https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/merge_requests/752.

Configuration note: For a vertical Bootstrap menu with Smartmenus activated, input "navbar navbar-expand-lg" in the "CSS class(es) for the menu nav element" field under the "Module" tab when assigning/editing the menu on the Admin Modules page.

1.9. Module zones

A new module zone called "Admin" has been introduced in the "Control Panels > Modules > Admin (tab)". That displays the modules that are shown in the new Unified Admin Backend UI > Dashboard.

See Module zones

1.10. ODBC

Added Open Database Connectivity support to Tracker Tabular. This allows to add ODBC remote sources with read/write support — instead of importing from or exporting to CSV, which gives the system the ability to import from and export to a remote ODBC-accessible schema table.


1.11. OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect is an authentication layer on top of OAuth 2.0, an authorization framework. The standard is controlled by the OpenID Foundation.

See OpenID Connect.

1.12. Previews

Previews of content to be saved have been added (optionally) to comments, and preview functionality has been improved for forum posts, and hopefully more coming by the time of the 23.0 release.

1.13. PSR-12

Tiki adopted the PSR-12 and converted all the code base to it:
This would be very difficult with a fragmented code base with ton of plugins. But thanks to Tiki's model, this was relatively easy. And it happens all in one version.

N.B. Part of this involved changing from indenting with tabs to spaces, which was done for all file types (i.e. PHP, Smarty and JavaScript)

1.14. Record screen/audio/video

A new feature "RecordRTC" was added to record the screen activity.

See: Record screen audio video

1.15. Scheduler

A new preference was added to allow delaying all scheduled tasks to run some minutes after it was supposed to.
It's useful for cloned instances, avoiding all schedulers to run at the same time

See Scheduler

Related commit: https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/77631

1.16. Select2

https://github.com/harvesthq/chosen is deprecated so we moved the whole code base to https://select2.org/
Over 200 files changed: https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/merge_requests/723

All done in one version. This is doable because we have a centralized code-based. Systems with thousands of plugins are unable to do such migrations: https://pluginproblems.com/Modules-Extensions

1.17. Sitemap

Sitemap: replaced deprecated sitemap-php by melbahja/seo

1.18. Snapshot

This is a (still experimental) List Execute action that enables scraping a webpage and saving the content as a wiki page. Details at http://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/78296.

1.19. Themes

Three new themes have been added — Morph, Quartz, and Vapor. These MIT-licensed themes by Bootswatch have been slightly modified and extended for Tiki.

1.20. Unified Admin Backend UI

New "Unified Admin Backend" preference along with a new Admin UI theme was designed, integrated and introduced in Tiki 23 to make the Admin Control Panels easier to use and navigate. We hope it brings more intuitive way to Tiki newcomers to administer and set up their Tiki. As usual it is completely optional. It can be enabled/disabled on the Look & Feel Control Panel and will be enabled by default for fresh new Tiki 23 installations.
This evolved from https://dev.tiki.org/Administration-UX-and-Control-Panels-re-organization revamp.

1.21. Web Monetization

Web Monetization

1.22. Module List

A simple wrapper for PluginList as a module - arrived in 7a57deaa

1.23. Wiki Plugins

New or improved.

1.23.1. PluginAutoTOC


1.23.2. PluginQR

Generate QR codes in your wiki pages easily with PluginQR

1.23.3. PluginSignature

New plugin. It allows to draw a signature and save it as an image, stored within the plugin content as image/png base64.
See PluginSignature.

1.24. Removal

1.24.1. Image gallery

After years being deprecated (https://dev.tiki.org/Endangered-features) the image gallery was definitely removed from Tiki23. (https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/commit/c6454958)

1.24.2. BiDi's (right to left) leftovers were removed.

2. General upgrade notes

Also, see the standard information about Upgrades in Tiki.

2.1. If you are upgrading from SVN or Git

Before switching to branch 23+
You need to update to at least the following:

And run sh setup.sh

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