Tiki 20.0 was released 2019-06-26 (on schedule). You can download it here. And see the announcement: https://tiki.org/article461-Tiki-20-0-codename-Tarazed-Released.

It is a Standard Term Support (STS) version and will be supported until Tiki 21.1 is released as per the Tiki lifecycle policy.

The 20.x branch was created on 2019-05-25.


Tiki20 keeps the same krav as Tiki19:

  • At least MySQL version 5.5.3, which provides support for utf8mb4 encoding
  • PHP 7.1 (note: There is known issue with Tiki 20.2 release where PHP requirement was bumped up to PHP 7.2 accidentally)

It is possible that Tiki21 will require PHP 7.2, so if you upgrade to Tiki19 or 20 (ex.: from Tiki18, be ready to maybe need to have PHP 7.2 (Tiki20.x is End of Life once Tiki21.1 is released so you are compelled to upgrade) Tiki21 confirmed to require PHP 7.2

Alphabetically sorted

1. New Features and Improvements

1.1. Spam protection improvements

  • Google ReCaptcha V2 has been upgraded to Google ReCaptcha 3

Tiki in its goal to be an ocean of several useful and secure features for the user, we have chosen to give you the opportunity to choose between different versions of spam security features.
Which is why you can currently choose in the settings to activate the Google ReCaptcha 2 or 3 version.

  • How will reCaptcha V3 stop spam?

The previous ReCaptcha (v2) worked because it tracked the user movement (scrolling, clicking) while the user solved the captcha (clicked on "I'm not a robot"). v3 does the same, but there is just no button to click on, google just "watches" the client and determines whether there is a human controlling the mouse on the other side.

  • What if a hacker spams the URLs on my site with an external tool without using the interface I provide?

Google generates a token for the client when he passes the checks which you have to validate on the serverside. If someone doesn't pass the captcha (a robot), he doesn't have the token.

  • How to activate Google ReCaptcha V3 in Tiki?

In control panel, press the "Security" feature, then the "Spam Protection" tab,
Then go to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/v3.html
Create a site, add your domain, and then select version 3 of google ReCaptcha, and validate.
You will get two keys that are scrolled in Tiki respectively and then copy-paste and validate and here you are with version 3.

1.2. Console

New console commands:

1.3. Diagrams

  • Diagrams have seen multiple improvements since their introduction in Tiki19

1.4. File Gallery

  • Major revamp to make it easier to add new features

1.5. MathJax

1.6. Modules

New or enhanced.

1.6.1. Module permissions

New module. This module lists the permissions for current object. It help site admins know which group has which permission on the current object, and how (ex.: object permissions vs category permissions vs global permissions)

See Module permissions

1.7. Newsletter

1.8. OCR Indexing

A new feature to index content after Optical Character Recognition (OCR) was added via https://packagist.org/packages/thiagoalessio/tesseract_ocr and it even led to some enhancements upstream

See OCR Indexing

1.9. OAuth2

Add OAuth2 support via https://oauth2.thephpleague.com/
See: OAuth

1.10. Perspectives

1.11. Wiki Syntax

1.11.1. Support for @username mentions with notification

Delivered to trunk: https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/70073

We've added support to use `@username` mentions in wiki pages. To enable mentions please enable the following preferences:

  • Tagging users
  • User mention notifications

When a user is mentioned, and his 'personal information' is visible to public, a link is displayed and on hover a popup with his 'information' is displayed.

As a user, to 'enable' the personal information popup, follow this steps:
Control Panel > User Settings Button > User Settings Tab > User preferences screen => Check (This will display the "Personal Information" tab on "User Preferences" pages. In it, there is a dropdown that should be set to "public".

More information at User Mentions.

Also see Activate User Mention Notification.

1.12. Wiki Plugins

New or enhanced.

1.12.1. Plugin Cypht (for new webmail)

New. You can use it to set up your webmail account through Cypht.

See PluginCypht.

1.12.2. Plugin List

Ennhanced. Added new params to allow table expansion, coint number of items or proovide title and subtitles to the table with the results.

See PluginList and this specific documentation page secction

1.12.3. Plugin ListExecute

Ennhanced. Added in tracker_item_modify the ability to add/remove items. This is useful for multivalue fields like User Selector, Category, Relation, Freetags, etc.

See PluginListExecute

1.12.4. Plugin Map

Ennhanced. Added new params to allow selecting different open layers provider and clustering of mapped features.


See PluginMap


1.12.5. Plugin Markdown

New. Instead of Tiki's wiki-syntax you can use Markdown syntax in it.
See PluginMarkdown.

1.12.6. Plugin TrackerCalendar

Enhanced. You can now display items as resources in a continuous view for the whole year, of display items in event-list views (day, week, month, year). You can also use a new parameter eventOverlap which will allow you to forbid (when set to n) moving or extending events through this plugin if they would overlap the time frames of two items associated with the same resource (a common use case in booking management systems: the same physical resource can't be booked several times in the same or overlapping time frames).

Click to expand
Click to expand

See: PluginTrackerCalendar

1.12.7. Plugin TrackerFilter

Ennhanced. Parameter noflipflop now defaults to 'y'

1.13. Redis

  • Redis to improve performance

1.14. Search

1.14.1. Date-based aggregations (a.k.a. facets)

1.14.2. Unified Index: fall back if Elasticsearch is unaccessible

Delivered to trunk: https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/70075

Now when elasticsearch is the default engine, a new checkbox is displayed allowing to use MySQL as a search index fallback in case of Elasticsearch failure.
If enabled, when the index rebuild process occurs both indexes (Elastic + MySQL) are indexed (with objects and preferences). The fallback rebuild status is visible both in UI and CLI after running index rebuild.

1.15. System Configuration

1.16. TRIM / Tiki Manager

The "Tiki Remote Instance Manager (TRIM)" will go into maintenance mode, and the code will be forked and revamped to become its replacement, now known as the "Tiki Manager".

1.17. Webmail

1.18. WebDAV

1.19. XMPP

1.20. Map / Location / OpenStreetMap

From Tiki20.1 and up It is possible to use Open Layers version 3 as well as version 2 (default). Version 3 offers many improvements that will help using Map and Location related features. Enhancements will/can be implemented and it started with the following:

1.20.1. Clustered Features (Map)

 Open Layer Terminology
"feature" is what OpenLayers calls a "thing on a map"

From Tiki20.1 and up The open Layer 3 (see above) "Clusters Features" add the capability to display group of Features / Objects (points, markers, zone, etc) based on distance from a determined feature (see terminology)
Exemple: https://openlayers.org/en/latest/examples/cluster.html

2. General upgrade notes

Also, see the standard information about Upgrades in Tiki.

3. Known Issues

3.1. Tiki 20.2

  • There is known issue with Tiki 20.2 release where PHP requirement was bumped up to PHP 7.2 accidentally (fixed in ...)

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