Comments about Documentation in .odt & .pdf

First, see Printing the Documentation to understand learn how to produce an odt file out the the All the Documentation, and from there, a pdf..

Latest pdf documents are at sf.net:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/tikiwiki/files/Tiki Documentation/

Help is more than welcome to help producing an updated version of the All the Documentation structure in .odt and .pdf. smile

Current download links (document with 950+ pages)


Tiki 1.9 manual (pdf) (12+ Mb)




Tiki 1.9 manual (odt) (15+ Mb)

How to produce the .pdf out of the .odt


(OOo=OpenOffice.org -> http://openoffice.org)

  1. Download and open the latest .odt file from doc.tw.o sftp server, under the ./doc.tiki.org/files/ directory. By the time of this writing (and for this example) it is Tiki198beta_21.odt.
  2. Make your changes to that file (copy & pasting updated information from current wiki pages at doc.tw.o).
    • Remember to break image links from the pasted images (in OOo: "Edit > links > break the links"), since before that, they would be requested to the doc.tw.o server each time, and we want those images to be inside the .odt document (so taht the odt contains everything even if a person is offline when opening that .odt file).
  3. Save a short log of your changes at the page at the beggining for that purpose, and at this wiki page (so that other editors watching this page will notice that you've made a new version of the .odt and .pdf files)
  4. Save a copy of the .odt with another name (with a consecutive number or date), just before the following two steps. For instance: Tiki198beta_22.odt
  5. Save the file again as Tiki198beta_22_with_alphabetical_index.odt
  6. Add all the tags for the indexes and tables of contents (This step may take a looong while for your computer to complete).
    • to do so, you need to go the alphabetical index at the end of the .odt file, right click on it, and select the "edit index/table" (or similar dialogue in your language).
    • there, at the "Index/table" tab (the first one), you have an option called: "Concordance file". Press on the button File on its right, to select the concordance file with the keyword that OOo will search their location in the document to make there the alphabetical index. Select the Tiki198_odt_concordance_file.sdi as a concordance file (you can download it also from ./doc.tiki.org/files/ directory from the sftp server.
    • press ok, and let it take its time (coffee/tea time for you?).
    • Note: the concordance file contains too generic words, still, which produce too many page numbers for those words. You can play with the other options next to "concordance file" setting in that OOo dialogue, in order to improve the final alphabetical index produced. However, once you have run a concordance file in that document, tags are inserted everywhere, and I'm not sure if they can be esily removed. That's why you saved the file as a backup with another name just before adding those tags from the concordance file. Repeat this procedure (with a second backup pree-adding tags, if needed) with other options, or with a smaller concordance file.
    • You can edit the concordance file with the spreadsheet file from which it was generated (Tiki198_odt_concordance_file.ods).
  7. Once you like alphabetical index produced in the .odt file, save your file. Remember that it should be the file name like: Tiki198beta_22_with_alphabetical_index.odt
  8. Press on the pdf buton in OOo. This file will be generated: Tiki198beta_22_with_alphabetical_index.pdf
  9. Upload your files to ./doc.tiki.org/files/ directory:
    • Tiki198beta_22.odt
    • Tiki198beta_22_with_alphabetical_index.pdf
  10. Once the upload is finished, delete old symlinked Tiki19beta.pdf and Tiki19beta.odt (they are the links called from the web pages at doc.tw.o; they were point to the files of previous to your version of the odt and pdf files)
  11. Create on the remote host (through opening an ssh session) the new Symlinks to your updated files
    Copy to clipboard
    ln -s Tiki198beta_22_with_alphabetical_index.pdf Tiki19beta.pdf ln -s Tiki198beta_22.odt Tiki19beta.odt
  12. Done! (afaik)

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