Tiki Manager Package

Starting in Tiki25, Tiki Manager can be added as a Package to any Tiki instance. It has many uses, including Automatic updates. This will replace the the standalone Tiki Manager Web UI with something more robust and flexible.

Initial code: https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/merge_requests/1374
Development ideas: Tiki Manager within Tiki

Command Line


Web Interface

See the Tiki Manager link in the admin menu (tiki-ajax_services.php?controller=manager&action=index). This is the full back-end interface

Tracker field

Tiki Manager Tracker Field is for when you want to have meta data associated to your instances, or if you want to launch Tiki instances from Tracker items.

Wiki Plugin

PluginTikiManager is for when you want to present a simple user interface, with a subset of functionality.

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