Tiki Cache/System admin

Formerly known as "System Administration", you can use this page to clear Tiki cache files and to compile the language-specific template (TPL) files. Since Tiki3, all Tiki caches can be deleted in one click in your Tiki site.

Basic information

To access the System Administration page, select Tiki Cache/Sys Admin from the Admin menu. The System Administration page appears:

Click to expand
Click to expand

Exterminator of cached content

To clear a specific cache, click the Delete button for that cache.

Files that are included in the Directories to save directories will not be deleted.

Save Directories

Tiki allows you to make a compressed file containing some custom files that you may have uploaded in your installation, such as images to wiki pages or tracker items (if you didn't set Tiki to store them in file galleries).

You need to indicate the "Full Path to the Zip File" (in the server file tree), and then you can click at "Generate Zip"

The section "Save Directories" lists the directories that will be saved, dependinf on the features that you have enabled in your tiki site. Basic folders are:

  • img/wiki
  • img/wiki_up

Templates compiler

In old versions of Tiki (such as 1.9, and such), you could manually force the compilation of all templates of your tiki site.


Tiki Cache/Sys Admin
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