Installation using Servers Ultimate Pro

To install a webapplication like Image Wiki CMS Groupware or others like Wordpress, Joomla etc. on an Android device, you need to setup a webserver with PHP (based on Apache or Lighttpd or anything else) and a MySQL server first.
The Apps we are knowing to provide Servers on Android use Lighttpd and whilst Tiki is mainly optimised for Apache, it works on Lighttpd aswell.

Servers Ultimate Pro is an App, which you can purchase at Googles PlayStore for a decent price. Thought it is not for free, it provides you with a vast amount of features and plenty of different server types.

Servers Ultimate is a 14 day free trial, limited to PHP/Lighttpd and MySQL server.

General information

Servers Ultimate Pro www path is to be set to a directory on your Android device - default: /storage/sdcard0
Servers Ultimate Pro's default webserver port: 8082
Access phpMyAdmin via the same port: 8082
Servers Ultimate Pro's default MySQL server port: 3306
Localhost on Android devices should be

Access the webservers root from the device's internal webbrowser(s):
(in the default setting, this will bring you to the directory sdcard/www, which in this case is the "website root")
Access phpMyAdmin from the device's internal webbrowser(s):

How the App is structured?

After starting Servers Ultimate Pro you will see a menu at the left hand site with the following items:

Start any server simple and fast and get the necessary data in a pop up after startin the server.

Add servers, start and stop them and edit advanced configurations.

Access a general log for all server activities (not to be missunderstood with the individual logs of the advanced servers)

Get the network information / Ip adresses and information about your device.

A set of useful subapplications like "Remote Control Client", "IP Calculator", "Whois", "Command Line", "Ping", "Wake on LAN" requests, etc. etc.

General configuration of the "Servers Ultimate Pro" App.

Not yet much info, but up to now every few day extended and so getting more and more useful.

Changelog, Review and Contact.

Completely exit the App and shut it down (nice and sadly not often implemented on Android devices)

How to access the webserver from another computer via a LAN / WLAN or Hotspot of my phone ?

This IP number could be something like ... that depends on the Routers configuration ... Just look it up under Information.

Open a browser on any computer which has access to the LAN / WLAN and type: to access the website root or to access your MySQL databases, respectively to create or to import/export databases.

How to install my webapplication?


You have to create and to starttwo servers first:
a) the PHP/Lighttpd server b) the MySQL server
If you take some time to go through the options in the servers setup (menu item Servers), it should be mainly selfexplaining.
If that is too mucch for a starter, set them up as simple servers (menu item Simple), MIND the information of the pop up and write it down and start/stop like the advanced servers under Servers.

A hint: did you ever have been thinking about an FTP server on your Android, or Email Server, SMB Server, Git Server etc. ... this App provides them all and plenty more. and that's why I say a price less than 10 € is absolutely reasonable. This is one of the few apps I use that is not FOSS.


The installation process is quite similar than on any Linux webserver - just some kind of easier (at least with Tiki, as no root access to the Android device is needed.

Download your webapplication to your local computer and unpack.

Get the external SDcard plugged into your computer or connect your Android device to the computer as hard drive.

Create a folder in /storage/sdcard0

When you now access port :8082, you will mostlikely find some message of your webapplication or directly be connected to the installer.
Maybe you get some error messages due to inconvenient file permissions.

If you have no shell on your Android device, you might have to fix the permissions manually (for Tiki not a big deal, if you have not to do this every day).
If you have shell access and you use Tiki, you could fix the permissions with sh setup.sh (after cd into the installation directory).

Otherwise you need a file manager which can alter permissions on your Android device - if the default file manager is not convenient, get another one for free for example in Googles PlayStore.


Most webapplications need a database - we have a MySQL server on board now:

Connect to phpMyAdmin and create a database (ex. 'mydb'), a database user (ex. 'mydbuser'), a password for the database user (ex. '12345difficult'). or

If you have an existing database (an exported dump) you also can import it into the freshly created database.


Now you can start your webapplications installer. or

Optionally, if necessary for a reason, you could setup the local.php manually.

The local.php for Tiki would look something like this:

That should be pretty much it. Have Fun.

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