SCORM is a format used to package learning material in Learning Management Systems.

Tiki provides special handling for those files when stored in File Gallery. The file will be read and a Tracker Item will be created, which allows for automatic indexing of the file's meta-data.

In addition, there is PluginPlayScorm, which plays a SCORM learning object in an iframe. Requires Moodle to be installed.


In order to use the SCORM package indexing, a tracker must be created to store the information and the tracker must be indicated in the configuration.


The tracker can contain arbitrary fields for most cases. When reading the meta-data in the file, the Permanent Names of the tracker fields will be used to match where the content is expected to go. Make sure the names match. If your packages contain multiple languages for the meta-data entries, you can use multilingual text fields.

Metadata Fields

Typical fields are:

  • title
  • description
  • keyword

There may be more fields. To see what is available in your packages, open the package using a ZIP decompression utility and open the imsmanifest.xml file.

For better results, keyword should be set-up as a Freetags field.

The tracker can be configured to contain a link back to the file as well. This will be required if you want to manage the updates of those files.

  1. Create a field of Files type
  2. Edit the field to make sure the permanent name is scormPackage
  3. Alter the permissions on the field to make sure it will not be editable to ensure consistency


Finally, the tracker must be indicated in the administration panels as the target for SCORM meta-data.

  1. Note the tracker ID
  2. Under Admin > File Galleries > SCORM
    1. Enable SCORM support
    2. Enter the ID in the SCORM Tracker field


Once the configuration is completed, all that needs to be done is to upload the SCORM package files in the file galleries. Tracker items will be created or updated accordingly.

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