Regular Expressions

Examples of regular expressions to be used in some parts of Tiki

Tracker validation fields, such as text fields, allow to have some check against a regular expression. Some examples are:

  1. Only records with more than 2 letters in the field are allowed:

  2. Only lowercase letters, numbers and dashes are allowed:

  3. Only lowercase letters in emails, therefore, letters, numbers, dots, dashes and underscores are allowed:

    Or an alternative (and more permissive) approach: all except uppercase letters:

  4. Numbers between 0 and 1 (very useful to validate probabilities):

  5. Numbers between 0 and 100 (useful for positive values under and 3 digit threshold like 100):

  6. Positive numbers or zero only (useful for measurements of concentrations of chemical substances, for instance):
    In Tiki 12.x LTS

    Since Tiki 14.x

  7. Uppercase letter, two numbers, dash, two numbers (e.g.: X00-00)

  8. Any user with the domain name ending with .example.com

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