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Real User Measurement A.K.A End-User Experience Monitoring, is a form of passive monitoring that records user interaction with a website.
In other words, Real User Measurement monitors performance by collecting data about user interactions with an app.


Actually, users' experience with your website determines whether they will use your website or not. If for example, your website is slow, ununderstandable, or down, the risk of losing clients increases. That's where Real User Measurement comes in and becomes very important as it can help you catch what users experience.

In Tiki

In Tiki, this feature reuses a JavaScript library called boomerang that measures the page load time experienced by real users. With this feature, you find out exactly how fast your users think your site is.
Apart from page load time, boomerang can measure performance timings, metrics, and characteristics of your user's web browsing experience (But this is not implemented in Tiki yet).

How it works

In order to experience this feature in Tiki, you need to be an admin (obviously), to be able to visit the performance page.
But in order to view the needed details there is just one thing you need to take care of: Enabling the Tiki Performance feature.

How to enable

To enable this feature you go to Settings -> Control Panels -> Advanced -> Performance, and under the Performance tab, locate the "Monitor Tiki Performance" feature, activate it, and hit the "Apply" button.

enable performance feature
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How to test

Finally, to test if things work as expected, visit any page/URL in Tiki and open the performance page that can be found under Settings,

link to performance page
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Or by visiting "/tiki-performance_stats.php", you will find two tables as shown in the figure below, one showing the average time taken by a request and another one the maximum time taken by a request

performance stats page
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Just for information purposes, you can install a browser extension which provides much of the same info: https://github.com/alex-vv/page-load-time/blob/master/README.md#where-to-install-from


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