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Tiki has thousands of features, options, and settings. To help new administrators, you can use the "Wizards" that wil be shown in your first entry page to your tiki site as admin. And when browsing the Control Panels, you can also adapt the Preference Filters () to display either the most common options (Basic). If you want to see more (or all) options, be sure to enable the Advanced (and eventually, the Experimental) filters.


Browsing the Control Panels header, where you can Filter and Search for configuration preferences

You can also use the Preferences Search to quickly find any Tiki setting or option on any administration page.

1.1. Slider to display Advanced Preferences in Control Panels

In Tiki16, and backported to Tiki15.3, a slider has been introduced to allow showing the advanced preferences in the Control Panels more easily. The funnel is shown only when the slider has been moved to show advanced preferences. If you want your preference to be permanent, you need to click as usual on the button "Set as my default":

Tags will indicate the "type" (Basic, Advanced, Experimental, etc...) of the feature, preference or option that are displayed on your screen to remind it to you in case your default set preferences doesn't allow you to see them right away.

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