TrackerList to List converter

Since Tiki19 there is a tool to convert a PluginTrackerList into a PluginList

  1. Enable preference Plugin trackerlist converter (wikiplugin_list_convert_trackerlist)
  2. Enable edit icons when viewing the page and click the trackerlist jigsaw piece
  3. On the bottom of the modal form hit the Convert to List button

That's it!!!

Some notes:

  • while this tool is very comprehensive and converts the vast majority of the PluginTrackerList parameters, a few are still being worked on. Those that did not convert will be listed below the newly created PluginList
  • if you have just updated/upgraded your site, keep in mind, it is important to 'Re-Index' your site (found in Settings > Control Panels > Search) so that new features are displayed as options.

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