Plugin Tracker If

Introduced in Tiki7

Use this wiki plugin to display contents based on the results of a tracker field test.


Introduced in Tiki 7. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_trackerif, feature_trackers, wikiplugin_tracker

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
test Test 7.0
ignore (blank)
Ignore test in edit mode y 7.0



Show this{ELSE}Show that

Example tests comparing against f_xx , where xx is the field id of the tracker field being tested:

  • (f_xx=value) - must equal value
  • (f_xx=*value) - must end with value
  • (f_xx=value*) - must start with value
  • (f_xx=*value*) - must contain value
  • (f_xx!=value) - must be different from value
  • (f_xx='') - must BE empty
  • (f_xx - must be lower than value
  • (f_xx<=value) - must be lower or equal than value
  • (f_xx>value) - must be higher than value
  • (f_xx>=value) - must be higher or equal than value
  • (&(f_xx=value)(f_yy=other_value)) - xx and yy fields must meet their tests
  • (|(f_xx=value)(f_yy=other_value)) - xx or yy field must meet their test

When conditions in the test parameter are met, content before the ELSE part is shown ("Show this", in this example).
Otherwise, content after the ELSE part is shown instead ("Show that", in this example). If no ELSE part is defined, nothing is shown.

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