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Introduced in Tiki15

Use this wiki plugin to build your product tours, page component describers and other sequential information displays with Bootstrap popovers in a quick and easy way, using Bootstrap Tour.


Introduced in Tiki 15.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_tour

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Content of the step
element text Element to show the popup on; if empty, use the plugin location itself 15.0
title text Title of the step 15.0
next int Index of the step to show after this one, starting from 0, -1 for the last one 15.0
prev int Index of the step to show before this one, starting from 0, -1 not to show 15.0
path text Path to the page on which the step should be shown 15.0
start (blank)
Start the tour on page load? If "No", then a start button can be made with "Restart Button", below. y 15.0
placement (blank)
The placement of the popup right 15.0
orphan (blank)
Setting to true removes the pointer on the popup and centers it on the page n 15.0
backdrop (blank)
Show a dark backdrop behind the popover and its element, highlighting the current step. n 15.0
show_once (blank)
Show automatically only once. tour_id should also be set if there are multiple tours. n 15.0
show_until_dismiss (blank)
Show automatically only until dismissed. tour_id should also be set if there are multiple tours. y 16.0
tour_id text Set a tour ID to be able to only show the tour once. default 15.0
show_restart_button text Display a button to restart the tour. Enter the text to appear on the button. 15.0


The first step:

{TOUR(title="Welcome to the tour" prev="-1" element="#PluginTour")}Here's the start of a tour.{TOUR}

A middle step:

{TOUR(title="A typical middle step")}This step is neither first nor last on the page, isn't anchored to an element, and isn't an orphan. It's nothing special.{TOUR}

A step that specifies a page element:

{TOUR(element="#module_1 .panel-heading" title="This is a module heading.")}This is a module.{TOUR}

A step that indicates that the following step is on another page:

{TOUR(path="PluginTour-page-2")}This plugin has a title and body content, but these won't be displayed - this step is simply a redirect to the target page.{TOUR}

The last step:

{TOUR(next="-1")}This is the last step of the tour.{TOUR}

Usage notes 

  • For each step of the tour, input the Tour plugin syntax as shown above.
  • The first and last steps need a prev="-1" and next="-1" parameter, respectively. Without these, the tour won't display correctly.
  • If the tour isn't configured to start on page load (if start="n" is set), a start button can be made with the "show_restart_button" parameter.
  • Each step will pop over the page element where the plugin syntax is input in the wiki page, etc.
  • The position of the popup relative to the element it pops up over can be set with the placement parameter.
  • To create a step that is positioned other than where the plugin syntax is input, use the element parameter to specify an HTML id or other unique selector.
  • Use the path parameter to indicate that the next step is on another page. Simply using a wiki page name is OK.
  • A tour plugin step that uses the path parameter doesn't itself display (it is not visible); it simply acts as a redirect, so it shouldn't be used to contain information. Any guidance to the user that the tour is continuing on another page should be inserted in the previous plugin step (as of May 2017).
  • At this time, the "prev" button on the first step of the tour's second page is ghosted and doesn't work to return to the first page.

Adding a tour to a page that doesn't have wiki text content

Normally, as described above, the tour plugins are written into the wiki text of the page(s) on which the tour displays. However, it is possible to have a tour on an admin page or other such page that doesn't have wiki text.

This method uses a module for the tour plugin text that is assigned to, for example, the pagebottom module zone. Since all the steps of the tour are in the admin page content (and not in the module zone), the element parameter is used for each step that needs to be located in the page. But not all page elements in an admin page have unique DOM selectors, or ones that are easy to identify, so the ability to have a tour with complete tour-step placement may be limited for some pages.

Example: Look & Feel Admin page tour

The Look & Feel admin page is checked with a DOM inspector to identify the selectors where tour steps are to be placed.

The tour's steps are specified using PluginTour in a new wiki page, and a new menupage module is created to place that wiki page's content in the pagebottom module zone. (Any module zone could be used but some may already be crowded with content. Also, while the menupage module was made to create menus, it can be used to display any wiki page content, so is good for this purpose.) For example, a page named Admin_look_tour_test was made that has this content:

{TOUR(title="Preference Filter" element="#preffilter-toggle-1 + label" placement="bottom" prev="-1")}Switch this to "Advanced" to see additional features and options.{TOUR}

{TOUR(element=".filter-menu" placement="right")}After switching the toggle to "Advanced", you can click here to select your preferred level of option availability: Basic, Advanced, Experimental, and/or Unavailable.{TOUR}

{TOUR(element=".adminanchors" placement="top")}These are the icons of features of this web site. Click them to navigate to their respective administration pages.{TOUR}

{TOUR(element="form#look" placement="top" title="Save your changes")}Change the settings and click the "Apply" button to save any desired changes. Or to cancel changes, just navigate away from the page without applying the changes.{TOUR}

{TOUR(element="form#look" placement="bottom" title="End of tour" next="-1")}{TOUR}

This produces these tour steps:

Keep in mind that the tour code specified in the module will be available to all pages at the site. But the tour steps only activate when the element set in each step is found in the page. For this tour to show up only on tiki-admin.php?page=look, be sure the elements specified are only found on that page. Otherwise you may have random tour steps popping up on other pages.

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