This is a Wiki Plugin which embeds a button in a wiki page to perform a pre-configured clone or clone and upgrade action of an instance in Tiki Manager

This makes it simple for operations like:

  • Clone from production to staging
  • Clone from staging to production
  • etc.

Like PluginTikiManagerUpdate, it requires the Tiki Manager Package


Make on demand clone of an instance to another
Introduced in Tiki 25. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: feature_tiki_manager, wikiplugin_tikimanagerclone

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Button text(The text that will be displayed on the clone instance button).
branch string Select branch. 25.0
source string Source instance(instance to clone) ID or name. 25.0
target string Destination instance(s) ID or name, comma separated in case of multiple instances. 25.0
timeout int Modify the default command execution timeout from 3600 seconds to a custom value 3600 25.0
direct 1
Prevent using the backup step and rsync source to target. 1 25.0
ignoreRequirements 0
Ignore version requirements. Allows to select non-supported branches, useful for testing. 0 25.0
mode clone
Clone mode(Clone or Upgrade). The Clone mode allows to make a clone only and the Upgrade mode, to make a clone with an extra upgrade operation. clone 25.0
skipCacheWarmup 0
Skip generating cache step. (Only in upgrade mode). 0 25.0
skipReindex 0
Skip rebuilding index step. (Only in upgrade mode). 0 25.0
stash 0
Saves your local modifications, and try to apply after update/upgrade 1 25.0
unifiedIndexRebuild 1
Unified index rebuild, set instance maintenance off and after perform index rebuild. (Only in upgrade mode) 0 25.0
toClone data and code
What to clone. 0 25.0

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