Plugin Redirect

Introduced in Tiki3

Use this wiki plugin to semi-permanently redirect any existing wiki page to any other specified wiki page or URL. If it's for wiki pages, a better alternative is the Page Alias


Introduced in Tiki 3.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_redirect

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
autologin_remotetiki url Base URL where remote Tiki is located, to auto login to prior to redirection to page there, e.g. https://othertiki.com.
url url Complete URL, internal or external. 3.0
page pagename Wiki page name to redirect to. 3.0
perspective int The ID of a perspective to switch to (requires feature_perspective). 7.1


  • It does not check permissions of the destination page, so users may need to login after redirect.
  • It can redirect to a wiki page or to any URL, which is why there is Plugin security
  • There is no warning about "you will be redirected in 5 seconds message" or similar; it's instant!
  • There is a check to stop possible loops
  • URL redirects can be both: absolute starting with protocol like http:// or relative to the Tiki root

How to edit the redirect page?

Q:How do you go back to original page for editing...
A: Use /tiki-editpage.php?page=TheTargetPageWithTheRedirectPlugin

You can also go to the page history to view source, compare or unroll changes made that include the REDIRECT code. Use /tiki-pagehistory.php?page=TheTargetPageWithTheRedirectPlugin


The redirect plugin usage is:

{redirect page="pagename"}

or for URLs (tiki-something.php... or http://...)

{redirect url="url"}

or for perspectives:

{redirect perspective="Id"}

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