Plugin Preference

Using this wiki plugin, introduced in Tiki21, allows you to build your own administration panels.
It is a way to delegate permission to set only certain preferences to non-administrators.
So we could create limited admin panels with just what people need, without giving tiki_p_admin permission by only specifying which preferences will be included in the wiki page.


Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_preference

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
currentpage Page's name where this plugin will be shown.
name any string except for HTML and PHP tags Preferences to be edited(separated by ,).


Basic syntax

{preference name="feature_webdav" currentpage="My-Wiki-Page"}

Once the page is saved, the preference appears there as it would appear in the control panel, so it can be modified.

Plugin Preference basic syntax
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Some preferences

Similarly for a single preference, you can add several preferences, this time separated by commas, as shown in the settings table.

{preference name="feature_webdav,fgal_elfinder_feature,feature_docs,fgal_pdfjs_feature,h5p_save_content_frequency" currentpage="My-Wiki-Page"}

The above code in a Wiki page will give:

Plugin Preference some preferences
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This plugin is not displayed to anonymous users. For other users, those in the Registered group for example, if they have permission to edit the wiki page on which the plugin is embedded, they can change the plugin's parameter values and must wait for admin approval.
After changing the values of the name parameter and registering the wiki page (here named My admin panel) by a non-administrator, he will see this:

Plugin Preference validation
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Wiki page

When the plugin loads, it makes sure that the current page matches the current wiki page's parameter value, which prevents someone from using an approved plugin on another page with different permissions.


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