Plugin Permission

Introduced in Tiki5

Use this wiki plugin to display content based on permission settings. It is related to PluginGroup.


Display content based on permission settings
Introduced in Tiki 5.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_perm

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Wiki text to display if conditions are met. The body may contain {ELSE}. Text after the marker will be displayed to users not matching the conditions.
object text Name or ID of the object to test if not global or the current object 21.3
type wordspace Type of object referred to in Object ID 21.3
notperms text
separator: |
Pipe-separated list of permissions, any of which will cause the default text not to show. Example: tiki_p_rename|tiki_p_edit 5.0
global (blank)
Indicate whether the permissions are global or local to the object 5.0
perms text
separator: |
Pipe-separated list of permissions, one of which is needed to view the default text. Example: tiki_p_rename|tiki_p_edit 5.0

  • The part {ELSE} is optional.
  • Both parameters perms and notperms can be used together.


  • Be careful not to use this plugin to display secure information if the user can see the source
  • Local permissions may not work depending on the place or object the syntax is inserted (ex: works for tiki-index_raw.php but not for tiki-editpage.php )


Basic syntax

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{PERM(perms="tiki_p_view|tiki_p_edit" notperms="tiki_p_rename")}some content{ELSE}other content{PERM}

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