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Use this wiki plugin to display the number of hits for a wiki page, article, image gallery, file gallery and individual images or files in a gallery. The total number of hits can be displayed or the number of hits over the past x number of days.


Introduced in Tiki 1.
Preferences required:


Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
days digits Show the number of hits over the past number of days indicated. Default is to show all hits. 0 1
since text Date since the hits are collected in a format supported by strtotime 10.0
type alpha Object type, such as wiki, file gallery, file, article, etc. Default is wiki. wiki 1
object text For a wiki page, the page name, for other object types: ID number + ? + object title 1

 Note about file galleries

The plugin works differently for file galleries than described above:
  • Prior to version 3.0
    • The ID number that will work in the object parameter may be different than the actual ID number for a file gallery (sometimes it's "-1"). You would need to look in the tiki_stats MySQL database table on the server where TikiWiki is installed to see what number to use.
  • With version 3.0
    • Only the hits for the top level File Galleries can be displayed, and this is done by setting the object parameter to "0?" and the type parameter to "file gallery" (both without the quotes). The result is essentially the number of hits for the List Galleries page.


This code:
Example with no parameters set


Would produce on this site (total hits for this page):


This code:
Another wiki page and days used
{objecthits object="Documentation" days="30"}


Would produce on this site (hits on the Documentation page - home page for this site - for the past 30 days):

This code:
Hits for an article
{objecthits object="19?News from doc.tw.o!" type="article"}


Would produce on this site (total hits on article ID 19, titled News from doc.tw.o!):

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