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The LIST plugin will display 50 results by default. Depending on the output configuration, this may take some time to render, so you might want to decrease the visible amount of results to improve performance by using this plugin-like control block in the LIST body content.

Up to Tiki 10 (also still works in Tiki 11.0 SVN, as of 31 May 2013) and in Tiki12.3 as of 28 Dec 2014
{list max="10"}

Tiki 11 and above
{pagination max="10"}

In order to actually see pagination (and not just a limit on the number of displayed items), you can use the parameter pagination="y" like so:

{output template="table" pagination="y"}

You can use advanced pagination not using pagination="y" but instead directly creating the pagination within an output Smarty template which contains the following

{pagination_links resultset=$results}{/pagination_links}

in the template.

Additionally, the pagination control can have the following parameters:

  • onclick
  • offset_jsvar
  • offset_arg to change the key used in the URL for pagination, useful when multiple lists are used within the same page
  • sort_arg (Tiki 14+) to allow multiple lists to have separate sort keys
  • max for the number of results per page

Note that this setting will take precedence over any maxRecords setting which is set in the query string, and that maxRecords in the query string will only apply if offset is set anyway, while the above setting will work always.

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