Plugin Invite

Introduced in Tiki4

Use this wiki plugin to invite an already existing user or a new user to one or more of the requesting user's groups.

The groups will be limited to the groups the user is in. A user with his email as his login will be created if the user does not exist. Otherwise if a user with this email will be used. An email will be sent to this user with a link to activate his account for a new user (activation like the email 'refresher') - A simple email will be sent if the user already exists.

Prerequisites and limitations

The user must have the perm tiki_p_invite to use this plugin.

In intertiki, the user is locally created.


Introduced in Tiki 4.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_invite, feature_invite

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Confirmation message after posting form
defaultgroup groupname Dropdown list will show this group by default 4.0
including groupname Will list only the groups that include this group 4.0
itemId text Dropdown list will show the group related to this item ID (in group selector or creator field) by default 4.0


Basic syntax

{INVITE(including="Registered|Editors" defaultgroup="Registered" )}Invite Sent!{INVITE}




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